The Hennessey difference

We take great pride in breeding beautiful, athletic, and kind Arabian horses who bring enjoyment to their owners on so many levels. We put much thought into our breeding decisions, always ensuring we breed good minded Arabian horses before anything else — nothing could be more enjoyable than dealing with a kind, sensitive horse.

Many years ago H Primo H and H Zeden H were born our farm. Primo being by H Mobility H and Zeden sired by Eden C. Both wonderful, athletic geldings who joined with owner Yvonne Kuder here in central Florida.

Here are some words from our friend Yvonne about her Hennessey bred geldings:

H Primo H just had his 10th Birthday, I brought this blessing home on March 6th, 2020. He has since then done over 600 competition miles. Twelve out of the fourteen rides he has placed in the Top 5.

This fall we decided to step it up a notch and as a result of our hard work together he has won 1st or 2nd place at every ride, in addition to being awarded for “Best Condition” three times. We also bumped up the mileage by doing his first 65 and 75 mile race.

H Primo H definitely has a need for speed. He did his first 65 mile race in under six hours – that is faster than several of his 50’s, and faster than a lot of others who compete in 25 mile competitions. He has done quite a bit of traveling as well within the last year. He has competed in the mountains at Biltmore North Carolina and Talladega National Forest in Alabama. Our last race was at Broxton Bridge Plantation in South Carolina, where he finished his first 75 miler in 2nd Place.

I love my boy so so much, and he would no doubt do anything for me. He is a very personable horse with a big, funny personality. I’m sure no one else would agree, but in my world he is “the best horse ever”, and I give him a kiss and tell him that every day.

I climbed up onto the back of  H Zeden H for the first time whe came into my life in 2019. It didn’t take long to know this gelding was very special. Not belonging to me, all I could think about was “I need to find a Zeden of my own!” This inspired me to then in turn find Primo. I was almost in tears when I learned that Zeden came from “just down the road” at Hennessey Arabians.

With Zeden’s 13th birthday right around the corner, he has since accumulated over 800 miles in competitions — ten of those rides winning 1st place and 4 “Best Condition” wins!

Our latest accomplishment was The Florida 3-day 100 – a race we both had never done before. Zeden won GRAND CHAMPION, and together we were awarded Best Horse & Rider Combination. He is such a big, bold, and strong horse, but as a contrast extremely gentle and sweet. Seems to be the trend with all my Hennessey horses!

No words could ever do justice conveying just how grateful I am to Hennessey Arabians for creating these amazing horses that almost seem as if they were made just for me,. Thank you to the Hennessey’s for the opportunity to call them mine.

Yvonne Kuder
Williston, Florida

(Photography by Becky Pearman & Maria Phillips)

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