March 2018 HennesseyLand Happenings

Hennessey Arabians is proud to announce a rare offering to Arabian breeders world-wide. For breeders wanting to use World-Class broodmares that have otherwise been unavailable, Hennessey Arabians is offering embryo opportunities to some of its finest mares.

What is unique about this offering?

  • No payments until the mare in 16 days in foal
  • Payments spread out over 10 months
  • Once foal is born, you pay only for the care of foal
  • No recipient mare… donor mare carries the foal
  • Option to board foal in HennesseyLand after weaning

Hennessey Arabians is proud to have two Hennessey bred mares available for purchase in Poland. H Patricia H and H Embition H are headed to the race track for training. Racing in Poland begins each year at the start of April, finishing in November, and they run on turf. The winners of classic races are often from families that, for generations, have marked their influence on racing performance and have passed on to their descendants the genetic qualities inherited from their ancestors. It is for this reason that we consider it an honor to have these illustrious daughters of HennesseyLand making history in Poland.

We are thrilled to announce the sale of 2 Hennessey bred colts to Sylvia Zerbini, former Cavalia Star and Trainer in Williston Florida at her Grande Liberté Farm. Internationally acclaimed Sylvia Zerbini demonstrates her amazing communication and partnering with up to 16 horses in her mesmerizing Grande Liberté performances. Witness her herd of Stallions and Geldings working together to create the quintessential Equestrian Ballet experience. Sylvia transforms Liberty into the ultimate equestrian performing art and will be training Hennessey bred, H Abacus H and Cir Lawrence. We are very proud and look forward to following their future success!

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