In Loving Memory of Tulle el Jamaal

Tulle El Jamaal
*Ali Jamaal x *Talbreena
Bred by Lenita Perroy | Last owned and loved by Hennessey Arabians

June 1991 – May 2015

In Loving Memory of Tulle el Jamaal

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. ~Dr.Seuss

This past Sunday morning Hennessey Arabians had to say goodbye to their cherished friend, Tulle El Jamaal. Tulle was the accomplished daughter of *Ali Jamaal and was known and admired in the Arabian community. Her substance, quality and elegance garnered several championship titles including multiple US National titles in both open and amateur breeding championships.

The most cherished of her show ring experiences was with her owner and friend, Frank Hennessey. At 19 years young, Tulle entered the arena with the charisma of a yearling while gracefully caring for her young, first-time handler for his show ring debut. She gently guided Frank through the class as if she fully understood the importance of her role as his teacher. Frank and Tulle received the blue ribbon in the Open Mare Halter class at the 2010 Ocala Thanksgiving Show. The memorable moment of Franks introduction to showing horses will be cherished by us all for years to come.

After the birth of her 7th foal in 2009, vet’s feared Tulle would not be able to produce another foal. Understanding that there was no health risk to Tulle, Frank vowed to prove the vet’s wrong. He was determined to find a way to keep her valuable bloodlines in the Hennessey breeding program. For several months, George and Frank educated themselves on every possible remedy and breeding option available. Their patience and determination led to the birth of a gorgeous filly sired by Jaipur el Perseus in 2015.

H Tulle H is a living celebration of the Tulle legacy. Her birth has ensured a brighter future for Hennessey-bred horses and has made it possible for Hennessey Arabians to Continue the Legacy by Celebrating the Future…

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