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Frank Hennessey - Named by Florida Trend , Impact Player - April 2011 "Frank Hennessey, Horse BreederThe retired executive moved to Ocala/Marion County to breed Arabians. He is helping lead the business incubator initiative and is also launching a community foundation."

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Frank & Carol Hennessey discovered a passion when they met and fell in love with the Arabian horse. As they began to settle into retirement in 2006, they moved into their new found passion and created a heaven of their own at Hennessey Arabians a serene and beautiful 93 acre farm in Ocala, Florida for their fine Arabian horses. They have made a home and a haven for the animals that have touched their own lives and they wish to share the experience with you. Hennessey Arabians carries the motto of “Quality is for everyone” and the goal is to offer the strongest quality Arabians available, with a concentration on the beautiful Arabian horses from the State Studs of Poland. Video 1 Enter Site

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“George—it has to be heaven for my horses.”

~Frank Hennessey

It was the intention from the start, and is the unwavering goal each and every day.
Welcome to the “heaven” we call Hennessey Arabians!