Hennessey Helps

Hennessey Arabians Lends a helping hand to the Arabian Horseman’s Distress Fund

Hennesey Arabians has donated $20,000 to the Arabian Horsemen’s Distress Fund, a 501c3 dedicated to helping members of the Arabian horse community during times of unexpected crisis, to start an endowment foundation. As well as monies donated, Hennesey has pledged the support of his organizational contacts to assist the fund in building a bridge to the future with this endowment.

“In the middle of our annual fund raisers at the 2011 U.S. National Championships in October, Frank Hennessey of Hennessey Arabians dropped by to see me,” says Mary Trowbridge of the Horsemen’s Distress Fund Charity. “He suggested that it was high time that the HDF considered an Endowment Fund. Then, he surprised all of us by giving the endeavor a ‘leg up’ with a check for $20,000! I never cease to be amazed and touched by the generosity of our Arabian horse family when it comes to helping those faced with hardships and tragedy.” ~ Mary Trowbridge

“I just wanted to send a note to thank you for your generous donation to start the endowment fund for the Horseman’s Distress Fund. I know you are new to Arabian horses and to put forth that kind of donation is incredible in this economic climate. Unfortunately, there has to be a fund to help with all of the natural disasters as well as issues we cause ourselves. My husband and I attended the barn tour last year during convention and enjoyed visiting your farm very much. For someone so new to the industry, you were so attentive to details and showed such pride in your farm and your horses. You are obviously “hooked” like the rest of us.

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for helping all of us. We just never know when it might be our turn of bad luck that would need a helping hand. Please enjoy the holidays with your friends and family and know that your generosity did not go unnoticed.”

~Teri Derango, Illinois Arabian Horse Club

For ways you too can help the AHDF go to www.horsemensdistressfund.com

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