Philanthropy & Community

In addition to their deep commitment to educating the world on the Arabian horse and its profound ability to assist in the healing of the soul, the Hennesseys have a passion for their community.  Whether it's Massachusetts where they first started, or Detroit where they spent more than two decades, they have always involved themselves in making the world around them a better place to be.

Now that they have built their 'heaven for horses' in Ocala, Florida, the surrounding community of Marion County is also benefiting from their arrival.  A simple inquiry to the Chamber of Commerce – "Where is your local Community Foundation?" – led to the formation of The Community Foundation for Ocala Marion County, Inc., where Mr. Hennessey centers his core philosophy on the premise that “there is never a good reason to do a bad thing.”   The Community Foundations serves as the hub of the wheel for other charitable organizations and benefactors, working to serve as a bolster to new and already existing philanthropic efforts.  Their latest endeavor is to restore the Ocala Auditorium, which will serve as the home for the Ocala Symphony Orchestra -- Mr. Hennessey's involvement in philanthropy extends to his role as Founding Chairman of First Step Fund and Fund One, a venture firm for entrepreneurs.  He is also a member of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee for the Ocala Chamber of Commerce, and is the Co-Chairman of The Ocala Power Plant, a business incubator for start-ups.  Ocala Magazine selected him as Person of the Year in 2011.

The Hennessey's dedication extends beyond Ocala and Marion County.  In Kentucky, when the Kentucky Horse Park was established, Frank and Carol became Silver Exhibit Sponsors of the Arabian Horse Galleries. Also, when the Arabian Horsemans Distress Fund was soliciting monies, Frank suggested that they begin an Endowment Fund and began one in Marion County.