ac·co·lade  noun \ˈa-kə-ˌlād, -ˌläd\: a ceremonial embrace; a mark of acknowledgment; an expression of praise


“Frank Hennessey’s presence in the Arabian horse community extends far beyond that of owner of the beautiful horses and farm that comprise Hennessey Arabians.  His passion for the Arabian horse is evident through the roles he has taken within the industry as well as his personal relationship with his horses.  Aside from breeding and showing nationally recognized halter and performance horses, his dedication to this breed has compelled him to host the AHA Registry Forum at his farm, become the Director of the Spotlight Futurity, and travel around the world to see shows and visit farms.  In my business dealings with him, he is open minded, clear and forward thinking in all matters relative.   Furthermore, I have witnessed firsthand the day to day activities at Hennessey Arabians, which begin at sunrise with a breakfast stew whipped up by Frank for all of his creatures, including his favorite horses.  As he then hand delivers it, his love for these horses is apparent in the joy he gets from this task.  In all facets, the Arabian breed is fortunate to have the support and enthusiasm of Frank Hennessey.”                   

~ Ted Carson



My daughter and I recently purchased a gelding from Mr. Hennessey of Hennessey Arabians.  While looking at horses at the farm we were struck by GeorgeZ's incredible knowledge of the bloodlines of the Arabian breed. He and Mr. Hennessey were so very cordial and opened up their farm to us to see many of their fabulous mares and youngsters.  Mr. Hennessey knew all the names of the mares and their foals as well as their bloodline. This was no small feat considering there were many exquisite examples of his breeding program. We are thrilled with our gelding and look forward to a long show career and the added bonus of participating in the Hennessey Gelding Incentive Program.  

 ~ Robin Ford & Sara Lohbauer - Anthony, Fl



I have known of Mr. Frank Hennessey and admired his apparent enthusiasm towards the betterment of all things pertaining to Arabian horses, for years. I have only been showing horses on behalf of Hennessey Arabians for one year and my respect for Frank has grown tremendously in that time. Frank seems to do everything in his life in a very authentic fashion and his endeavors in Arabian horses are no exception. Hennessey Arabians' cuts no corners. From the thought put into their breeding program, to the care of their horses at home and away from home, their passion for Arabian horses is evident to the core! My perception is that the "vision" at Hennessey Arabians is to have success by having the mental and physical well being of the Horses in their lives at the forefront of all decisions they make. Thank you Frank for all you do for Arabian Horses!

~ Andy Sellman 



"After several years in the Arabian Horse Industry it is very clear that Frank Hennessey's commitment to the Arabian Horse is genuine and full of passion. His determination to do whats best for his horse's and the industry as a whole makes him and Hennessey Arabians a true allie of this amazing breed!"

~ Mike & Peri Wilson - Wilson Training Center & Bloodstock - Tavares, FL



I'm fond of saying that the Arabian horse attracts people who are just like them; intuitive, intelligent, sensitive, creative and kind, with a can-do attitude that is honest and versatile.  No one exemplifies those traits more succinctly than Frank Hennesey, and we are indeed fortunate that the Arabian horse found him and brought he and Carol into our midst.

If there is a single word that I think of that describes Frank and the people he surrounds himself with, it is "commitment".  When Frank says he will do or accomplish, he does it and accomplishes the task, whether it is to create a fabulous environment for his animals, improve the breed through his participation and vision, or assist in a variety of ways to benefit and nurture the Arabian horse industry.   Frank's positive attitude and incredible generosity are apparent in every facet of his world, from his horses to those of us fortunate enough to work with him, to his family and to his business ethics.  Fortunate seems an insignificant word to describe how lucky the Arabian community is to have Hennesey Arabians as part of its family…blessed might be more apt. 

~ Mary Trowbridge - Trowbridge's Ltd., proud to train Hennesey Arabians horses and call Frank, Carol and George friends as well as business associates.



Hennessey Arabians is a magical place. You can feel the energy of Frank Hennessey`s love for the Arabian Horse when at the Farm. I bring many people to tour Hennessey Arabians with my tour business and they feel it too. It is always the favorite stop with jaws dropping once they see the magnificent horses and the grounds.

~ Karen Grimes - Farm Tours of Ocala



My association with Frank Hennessey has been wonderful. He loves his horses as much as I do and its beautiful to see a person with so much invested still look at the endeavor and the horses as a pursuit of joy.

His vision and enthusiasm for the Arabian horse are uniquely his own, yet his sharing of them is a gift to all those that meet him. I regard Frank's trust in me as a high honor; and my good fortune to be a small part of the Hennessey Arabians success.

~ Joel Kiesner - Keisner Training