Rare Opportunity

Hennessey Arabians is proud to announce a rare offering to Arabian breeders world-wide. For breeders wanting to use World-Class broodmares that have otherwise been unavailable, Hennessey Arabians is offering embryo opportunities to some of its finest mares. 

What is unique about this offering?

  • No payments until the mare in 16 days in foal
  • Payments spread out over 10 months
  • Once foal is born, you pay only for the care of foal and not the mare ($5 per day)
  • No recipient mare… donor mare carries the foal (Cuts down substantially on lexpense)
  • Option to board foal in HennesseyLand after weaning

Here's how it works:

Choose your favorite mare from the list below, pay $1000 per month for 10 months. The mare will be bred, cared for and managed in "HennesseyLand." Your costs will be vet fees associated with breeding and foaling and board for the foal once it is weaned (if you want it to remain at the farm.) 

Click on the Mare name for pedigree, photos and more information on each one.