Hennessey Production Sale III

In January of 2016, Hennessey Arabians stepped out of the box and held an online auction of some of their quality breeding stock. Inspired by Frank’s mantra, “a horse for every home and a home for every horse,” the project was an effort to reach a market that is otherwise hard to conquer.

What set the idea apart was, the horses were auctioned online without the use of traditional Arabian horse auction companies, the minimum bid was set to $1000 and the bulk of the horses offered were proven breeding stock and/or show horses. It was a risk, to be certain, but one we were willing to take.

The team brainstormed about ways to break the traditional mindset that online auctions are for “throw away” horses that an owner or breeder found no value in. Frank is proud of every horse he breeds and strongly believes that each of them holds value to someone, be it a foundation to a future breeding program or a best friend to someone in need. His desire to reach others with his infectious love of the Arabian horse inspired the team to hold these online auctions with quality horses available at affordable prices all over the world.  

To date we have held 2 very successful production auctions online and are preparing the third for August 11th – 12th. A few of the success stories from buyers of the online auctions include Rob Janecki and Joe Alberti who purchased the beautiful daughter of Jaipur el Perseus, Mahadevi o (pictured to the right) in the first auction. She has since won 2 Regional Championships and placed 3rd at the US Nationals. They bred her to Miracle of Marwan and were overwhelmed with joy over the exceptional filly she produced for them. Barbara Banoff bought a mare in the first auction and 2 more in the second. She told Frank she’d have bought more had she not been outbid on multiple other horses she had her eye on. Barbara shared on facebook, “… so far as I could tell, Hennessey Arabians doesn't have any low quality horses!” There is nothing more satisfying to Frank and his team than to see Hennessey bred horses excelling with their new owners.

The Hennessey Production Auction set for August 11th-12th includes multiple quality, broodmares, young breeding stock, and proven performance horses. It’s important to re-iterate, these are quality horses that we believe will offer tremendous value to new owners as breeding stock, show horses or pleasure horses. The performance horses have had extensive training and have a slightly higher minimum bid. Their actual value far extends the minimum bid, but it’s important to us to make these horses available at reasonable prices - “a horse for every home and a home for every horse.” 


About the Auction 

The Hennessey Production On-Line Auction can be found at https://www.32auctions.com/HennesseyProductionIII

Bids can be placed at the opening of the sale on August 11th at 8am EDT. Bidding will close at 11pm EDT on August 12th

Each mare purchased will sell with a breeding right to the stallion of their choice from this list:

  • H Angelo H
  • Shahim al Nakeeb
  • Jaipur el Perseus
  • H Ambagramm H
  • H Mobility H

Each of the stallions services (with the exception of H Mobility H) the winning bidder will receive 16 straws of frozen semen. Bidder may register as many foals as desired with the 16 straws. H Mobility H comes with fresh transported semen.

10% of the total purchase price of each horse will be donated to the Arabian Horsemen's Distress Fund (Endowment) For more information visit www.horsemensdistressfund.com 

Horse will sell to the highest bidder 'as is' at the close of auction with no reserve bid and after the listed starting bid.

Winning bidder is responsible for all costs, arrangements and required health papers associated with transportation of horse. 

Hennessey Arabians will offer to board and care for the horse for a period of 2 weeks after the close of auction. Winning bidder is responsible to pay board and care costs in the amount of $18.00 per day to Hennessey Arabians, LLC beginning August 26th, 2017 if horse is not transported prior to said date.


Contact Information

Farm Manager - George Z - george@hennesseyarabians.com

Director of Public Relations - Riyan Rivero - riyanr@mac.com

Owner - Frank Hennessey - frank@hennesseyarabians.com


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